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07/30/2015 - League of Legends' Gangplank is Dead

Riot Games killed off a playable character in League of Legends.

07/30/2015 - Team Up with Final Fantasy Explorers in January

Guess who's going to get to be the Final Fantasy Explorers in January?

07/30/2015 - The Witcher Inspired a Tabletop RPG

An unplugged The Witcher RPG is coming.

07/30/2015 - Windows 10 Solitaire is a Freemium Game

Did you ever think you'd see ads in Windows Solitaire?

07/30/2015 - Over 5 Million People Play Rocket League

Thanks to PlayStation Plus, Rocket League has become a star.

07/30/2015 - Scott Cawthon Responds to Fans on Steam

Gives encouraging words for future programmers.

07/29/2015 - Wii U Sales Pass 10 Million

Is the NX actually coming sooner than we thought, though?

07/29/2015 - Xbox Finally Kills It’s Simultaneous Launch Clause

Microsoft doesn't care as much about Xbox being first anymore.

07/29/2015 - Windows 10 Launches Today

It's free for a year, so you might not want to jump in quite yet.

07/29/2015 - World of Tanks on Xbox One Offers Cross-Play

Xbox One owners can play with their Xbox 360 friends in World of Tanks.

07/29/2015 - Keep a Play Journal with Miiverse

Dear diary, today I got hit by my own Koopa shell.

07/29/2015 - Gil Kenan Joins Five Nights at Freddy's Movie Team

The man involved with Monster House and the Poltergeist remake is working on the Five Nights at Freddy's movie.

07/29/2015 - Kanai's Cube Added to Diablo III

Diablo III's new Kanai Cube is functional, but also a touching tribute.

07/29/2015 - EA Working with Nexon on a Titanfall Project

EA, Respawn, and Nexon are teaming up for a Titanfall game.

07/28/2015 - GTA Online Set-Up Missions get more Profitable

GTA Online is offering rewards for specific heists and activities again.

07/28/2015 - Dragon Quest XI on Both a Handheld and Console

You can play Dragon Quest XI at home or on the go.

07/28/2015 - No Sunset Overdrive on Other Platforms

Don't expect to see Sunset Overdrive anywhere except for the Xbox One.

07/28/2015 - Razer Owns Ouya Now

The Ouya belongs to Razer now.

07/28/2015 - Bethesda Can't Make More Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Editions

You will never ever see more Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Editions on store shelves.

07/28/2015 - Spike Chunsoft and Tri-Ace Announce Exist Archive

Join twelve characters and hope they don't die.

07/28/2015 - Seth Killian and the Cannon Brothers are Reinventing Fighting Games

One button specials? Move timers? What is this sorcery?

07/28/2015 - Nintendo TVii Shuts Down

The Wii U simply doesn't cut it as a multimedia device.

07/27/2015 - China’s Console Ban Now Officially Over

Manufacture and trade of consoles now legal in all Chinese territories.

07/27/2015 - Street Fighter V Beta Has Been Extended

Repeated server issues have led Capcom to give us extra time.

07/27/2015 - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Overhauls Its Boss Fights

You can now beat bosses through stealth and conversation.

07/27/2015 - Samsung’s Next Monitor Will Charge Your Phone

Simply putting your phone near your monitor will charge it.

07/27/2015 - Blizzard Holding a Gamescom Press Conference

Blizzard has something to say at Gamescom 2015.

07/27/2015 - Splatoon Makes a Huge Splash in August

You'll want to start playing Splatoon again come August 5.

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