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02/05/2016 - Ubisoft Generously Applies Game-Breaking Patch to Rainbow Six

Why are you doing this to us? Why do you have to ruin your best game?

02/05/2016 - Break Out Your Debit Cards for Halo 5's $25 Req Bundle

Yes, everything is still cosmetic and yes, 343 insists that this is what keeps the new maps free.

02/05/2016 - Destiny Update Brings Change to the Crucible

Those of you with slower connections won't be happy.

02/05/2016 - Conan O'Brien Is Clueless Playing DOOM

Two opposing Super Bowl players join Marshawn Lynch to help Conan blow up some demons.

02/05/2016 - Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta Will Give Us Time to Reflect

Signing up is the catalyst for possibly being part of a Mirror's Edge closed beta.

02/05/2016 - Rumor: Nintendo May Let Us Meet Our Mother 3

We may get one more Earthbound game in North America!

02/05/2016 - Meet Your DOOM in May

Don't feel doomed by the inevitable DOOM launch and collector's edition.

02/05/2016 - Nathan Drake Will Always Stare at You With This PS4

Don't worry. Even though the Nathan Drake on your Uncharted 4 PS4 is watching you, he isn't judging you.

02/05/2016 - XCOM 2 Loves the Steam Controller

The Steam Controller's new best friend has an alien problem.

02/04/2016 - Capcom’s Starting a Mario Party in Arcades

Arcades will get to host Mario Parties in Japan.

02/04/2016 - Watch Overwatch’s Closed Beta Open Again February 9

When watching isn't enough, then you have to get into the next closed beta for Overwatch.

02/04/2016 - Bungie Asks Former Destiny Players Where And Why They Left

Why did you stop playing Destiny? Why? Please, just tell Bungie why.

02/04/2016 - Batman: Arkham Knight Won’t Fight Crime on Mac or Linux Systems

The Arkham Knight is only going to show up on Windows PCs.

02/03/2016 - Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro Delivering DICE Keynote

Would it be foolish to get our hopes up for a game reveal?

02/03/2016 - The Tales of Symphonia PC Port Is a Bust

What should have been the definitive version turned out to be the worst by far.

02/03/2016 - Make Your Nintendo Account on February 17

Afterwards you can pre-register for Miitomo, coming out in March.

02/03/2016 - Hearthstone About to Enact First Rotation

The good news? Your Naxx cards can't get nerfed if they can't be used.

02/03/2016 - Dragon Quest Builders a Smash Hit in Japan

And we thought The Witness did well its first week.

02/03/2016 - Link is America’s Most Popular amiibo

Could you find these popular amiibo in stores?

02/03/2016 - Another Humble Ubisoft Bundle Tries to Move The Division

A month after its Humble Weekly Ubisoft Bundle, Humble has a Humble Ubisoft Bundle.

02/03/2016 - Indulge Your Need for Speed for Free

Origin's latest On the House freebie might just be its Most Wanted.

02/03/2016 - Xbox One Far Cry Primal Pre-orders Include Valiant Hearts

Experience another kind of warfare by pre-ordering a digital copy of Far Cry Primal for your Xbox One.

02/03/2016 - Final Fantasy XV Might Come to PC

Don't PC gamers deserve a boy band road trip too?

02/02/2016 - Ubisoft Has Plans for Cheaters in The Division

The closed beta was a bit of a mess for PC players, but Ubisoft promises to clean up.

02/02/2016 - Don't Forget to Pick Up Your Free Mew This Month!

Head over to your local Gamestop / EB Games for a free Mythical Pokemon.

02/02/2016 - Nintendo Saw Profits Tumble Last Quarter

Profits were down compared to last year, but Nintendo remains extremely optimistic.

02/02/2016 - Nintendo Is Looking Into VR

Could the NX one day support virtual reality hardware?

02/02/2016 - Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Coming June 28

You know that rumor you heard? It's true. All of it.

02/02/2016 - Kickstarter Fails Due to Strippers and Booze - We Think

Ant Simulator's dreams were squashed in restaurants and bars.

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