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03/22/2019 - Devil May Cry 5 on Its Way to Becoming the Best Selling DMC

It is looking like the latest Devil May Cry 5 could end up being the greatest.

03/22/2019 - Could Call of Duty Be Heading to Vietnam?

Rumors are flying about what Call of Duty 2020's setting could be.

03/20/2019 - Go Wild Over This WiLD PS4 Trademark

Michel Ancel's PS4 exclusive isn't dead yet!

03/20/2019 - Google Stadia Is Ready to Change Streaming

The Google Stadia is on the way, and it's ready to change game streaming as people know it.

03/19/2019 - Games for Change Accelerator Could Give People a Head Start

Games for Change is launching a new program with Quake Capital and i(x) investments to help people find their footing.

03/19/2019 - Could PS4 EA Access Be in Our Future?

Datamining and a supposed PlayStation Store icon suggest that PS4 owners will get a new subscription service!

03/19/2019 - Hear the Call on Your Mobile Devices With Call of Duty: Mobile

Prepare for boots on the ground, as Activision is taking Call of Duty: Mobile worldwide.

03/15/2019 - Turtle Beach Now Owns Roccat

Two gaming peripheral giants have become BFFs.

03/13/2019 - We May Know When Borderlands 3 Will Be Announced

It seems like Gearbox can't keep its Claptrap shut about a possible Borderlands 3 announcement.

03/13/2019 - Halo: The Master Chief Collection Will Rally on PCs

Say "Halo" to The Master Chief Collection on PCs, complete with Halo: Reach!

03/12/2019 - Fortnite Dance Lawsuits Come to Halt

Epic Games might be doing a (temporary) victory dance.

03/12/2019 - An Anthem Boycott Over Loot Drop Rates Is Picking Up Steam

BioWare fixed a bug that made Anthem loot rates a little better, and now fans are calling for an Anthem boycott to bring better drops back.

03/08/2019 - Anthem Exploit Lets Players Wreak Havoc With a Level 1 Gun

People looking for Anthem exploits should pick up a level one Defender Rifle.

03/08/2019 - Battlefield V Firestorm Leak Offers Sizzling Battle Royale Facts

Battlefield V's battle royale mode is starting to catch a spark, with leaked information and video teasing us about the coming Firestorm.

03/05/2019 - Anthem Is Breaking Some People's PlayStation 4s

Anthem is so broken, it is even bricking some PS4s.

03/05/2019 - Jason's Next Friday the 13th Victims Are Switch Owners

Friday the 13th: The Game is heading to a new platform, as it prepares to strike fear into the hearts of Switch owners this year.

03/01/2019 - Apex Legend's Pinging System Has Been Stolen by Fortnite

Everyone is pinging everything everywhere in battle royales now.

03/01/2019 - Victor Lucas and Vancouver Film School Offering Scholarships

Who wants to learn about game design, thanks to a former G4 host's scholarships?

02/27/2019 - Grab Your Pokemon Sword and Shield on the Switch

Get your weapons ready and prepare to fight alongside a new monkey, rabbit, or lizard friend.

02/27/2019 - THQ Nordic Held an AMA on One of the Internet's Worst Sites

THQ Nordic's PR & Marketing Director made terrible mistakes, then tried to claim he had no idea what one of the internet's worst sites was like.

02/26/2019 - BioWare Altered Anthem Drop Rates, and Players Aren't Happy

The Anthem drop rates for loot are fluctuating, and not in a good way.

02/26/2019 - Overwatch's Next Character Is a Bad Guy Who Defected

A former member of Talon who wants to do better will be the next person to offer support in Overwatch.

02/22/2019 - Prepare to Face Black Tusk in The Division 2's Endgame

Guess who'll be coming after players once they finish The Division 2's main campaign? Hint: it is a group of baddies with drones and robots.

02/20/2019 - Get Your Hands on Free Crackdown 3 DLC

Enjoying Crackdown 3? Don't forget to grab this free DLC that will kick things up a notch!

02/19/2019 - Anthem Update Will Make It Harder to Find Rare Loot

Anthem's initial update will make it harder to find high rarity items in certain sorts of chests.

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