True Crime: New York City Claims Intense Realism

Activision is claiming "the most authentic depiction of New York ever portrayed in a video game" in True Crime: New York City.

The game gives players the opportunity to play as police officer Marcus Reed, a former gang member, who is fighting crime in Manhattan. The streets are complete with GPS-accurate subways, hundreds of interiors, internationally recognized landmarks, and real neighborhoods including Harlem, Chinatown, and Times Square. You must navigate the city realistically by taking cabs and subways, walking, and driving cars and motorcycles.

You will also experience realistic sounds complete with the voice and likenesses of real New Yorkers, traffic, and bustling noses. Characters will be realistic to the area you are playing in. For instance, tourists will be the main people in Times Square, but locals will be found in Harlem.

True Crime: New York City will be available for the PS2, Xbox, and GCN this fall for $49.99.  There is no rating yet on this game.

by lindsay
07/14/2005 11:25AM
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