ESRB and Georgia Team Up to Educate Parents on Game Ratings

Patricia Vance, President of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and Thurbert Baker, Georgia State Attorney General, have teamed together to create a new Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign. The campaign is designed to educate parents about the video game rating system and how to use it when purchasing games for their family. The PSA will begin airing on Georgia TV and radio stations in the weeks to come.

"As a father, I know about the tough decisions parents face today about the media they allow into their homes," sympathized Baker. "Parents need and deserve all the help they can get, and the ESRB ratings are an effective and informative resource that allows parents to decide if the video game their child wants is appropriate. I’m proud to be helping educate Georgia’s parents about the tools at their disposal."

"Just like movies and TV shows, video games are created for a diverse audience of all ages," stated Vance. "That is why it is so important that parents remember to check the rating when purchasing games for their children. We are very grateful to have the support of Attorney General Baker in reaching out to Georgia’s parents and educating them about the ratings."

by lindsay
08/16/2006 12:33PM


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