Dead Rising Banned in Several Countries

For gamers outside the United States, be afraid, be very afraid. Dead Rising may not be coming to a store near you. The controversial game has been refused classification in Australia, essentially banning the game. Japan is also expected to censor the game. So far, other counties are safe for the zombie invasion.

"Dead Rising is considered a fairly straightforward 18," stated a spokesperson from the British Board of Film Classification. "We take the view that at 18, unless there is something harmful in the game, we have no reason to intervene as far as adults are considered. There is no clear evidence that playing games leads to copycat behaviour. We would only intervene if a game was going further than any other game in terms of interactivity and the ‘thrills’ it offers a gamer."

This seems to be the stance other countries are taking as well.

by lindsay
08/16/2006 12:34PM


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