New Wii Games, Pink DS Announced

Nintendo has made several exciting announcements today.

In keeping up with the Jones’ (or Sony, in this case), Nintendo has announced that they will be marketing a pink DS Lite in Europe. The handheld will be available on October 27, the same day as the P!nk PSP Value Pack.

For gamers not interested in color coordinating their clothing and consoles, check out two new games announced for the Wii.

Mario Strikers Charged (working title), the sequel to Super Mario Strikers was the first game announced for the upcoming console.

Another sequel was also announced. Battalion Wars 2, the sequel to the 2005 GameCube game, was also confirmed.

No details were announced for either game, but we will keep you posted as more unveils.

by lindsay
08/23/2006 01:35PM


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