Update on Xbox 360

Many questions still remain about the Xbox 360, but some new info might help clear up some of these for you.

First of all, it appears that any controllers you may have for your Xbox will not be usable on the Xbox 360, to the disappointment of some.  The company is so convinced that gamers will love the wireless technology the Xbox 360 uses that they won’t even miss the old controllers. If you want to keep your old controller, you are not completely hopeless. Third party peripheral developers will most likely come to your rescue here.

Second, Microsoft has announced it will only be using its own wireless technology in the Xbox 360. Many insiders have guessed that the console will use Bluetooth with some Microsoft technology, but Shinichi Manaka, Microsoft Product Development Limited Xbox Chief, has denied this and stated Microsoft developed the technology itself.

It has been confirmed that beta kits have been sent to the development partners. Now, these people can start to analyze the hardware which just brings us one step closer to Xbox 360 being in our homes.

Later this month, Microsoft is holding a press conference in Japan to announce more details about the Xbox 360 and its games. At this press conference, you can expect to hear launch titles for the system as well as games to follow. Microsoft says it is planning a conference E3 worthy.

We will keep you updated on anything we hear, so keep checking back.

by lindsay
07/01/2005 06:14AM
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