Say It Ain't So! Higher Game Prices?

It is almost certain that games for the next-generation consoles are going to be priced significantly higher than current game prices.

Frustration has been expressed by game developers that the cost of producing games has been rising while the cost to buy games has remained almost static for almost two decades. They argue that games have gotten better, shouldn’t we pay more for them?

Of course, the income of gamers is not changing and prices for games, consoles, and peripherals continue to rise. If we are going to pay more for games, we definitely want the most for our money.

Thankfully, we live in a capitalistic society using rules like cost-benefit and competition. One company can’t start charging atrocious amounts for their games or people will buy from another company. And if game prices get too high and sales drop, you can expect the prices to lower again.

As it stands, expect premium game prices for next-gen consoles to rise to the $60 range.

by lindsay
07/01/2005 06:34AM
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