PSN To Get Into 'Rat Race'

Greg Easley, co-founder and president of development studio Super-Ego Games, has announced that his company is bringing their ”comedy/adventure" Rat Race exclusively to the PlayStation 3 via the PSN through episodic content.

Rat Race is described as an "interactive sitcom", although Easley says that term doesn't completely do the game justice.  "There's more to the experience than funny dialogue. Along the way you'll sneak, sprint, solve puzzles, eavesdrop, steal, and even 'neutralize' that lab monkey." The game will be set in the dysfunctional office oft he company BiggCo, with employees that "make the Enron guys look like Nobel Prize laureates."

The game will also feature writers and voice actors from popular comedic televisions shows such as Late Night with Conan O'Brien, My Name Is Earl, Saturday Night Live, South Park, Sex and the City, and Ugly Betty.

Rat Race will become available this winter. 



by news_editor
10/17/2007 01:22PM


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