Netflix Considers XBL and PSN

Netflix, the online video rental company, is considering expanding the way it delivers its movies.

During its Q3 2007 call to analysts, Netflix stated that it would consider distributing movies through the use of internet capable HD-DVD and Blu-ray players, which would consist of the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

Netflix president, CEO and Board chairman Reed Hastings said that "In terms of enabling the viewing of online content on the television screen, we are exploring a variety of options, including Internet connected, high definition DVD players, internet connected game consoles, and dedicated internet set tops, with a variety of partners, trying to understand the best ways to provide inexpensive viewing of online content on the television."

While this idea would be convenient, Microsoft already currently has a video on demand service that operates through Xbox Live, and Sony is currently preparing a service for 2008.  The chances for either company to allow a competitor the use of their consoles or internet networks is slim. 


by news_editor
10/25/2007 11:55AM


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