GameStop And Impulse Merge
Many different companies are stepping up to take on the digital distribution mega-god that is Steam. GameStop is one of these companies, and its recent acquisition of Stardock’s Impulse digital distribution platform is their latest move in trying to enter the digital market. Now, any time you choose to purchase a PC game digitally on, the site will link you to the Impulse client.

Apparently, the big upside to the deal is that GameStop customers can now manage their downloaded content. Whereas before, the site used its own distribution service for one-time downloads, customers can now use the Impulse client to keep track of what games they have installed, update those games as patches become available, and, of course, uninstall them should they run out of space on their hard drive.

Unfortunately, the two services haven’t completely merged yet. As of now, customers can not use GameStop gift certificates, coupons, or store credit on the service. So trading in your games is basically useless if you plan on purchasing a PC title. Customers are also required to download the standalone Impulse client, which may be off-putting. It probably won’t convert anyone who is already managing their game collection with Steam.
07/14/2011 06:01AM
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