Angry Birds Star Wars Hitting November 8
Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds developer Rovio has set its sights on a galaxy far, far away, as today brought the official announcement of Angry Birds Star Wars, the next installment in the massive mobile franchise.

Combining the core gameplay of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space with the setting and characters of the Star Wars universe, Angry Birds Star Wars will be available on November 8 for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Amazon Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, and Windows 8.

Details on the game’s other features are currently scarce, but Rovio promises to reveal more in the coming weeks.

"This is the best Angry Birds game we've ever done. It's the best parts of Angry Birds with all new cutting-edge gameplay set in a galaxy far, far away," said Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka. "As a big Star Wars fan myself, I'm really excited about this new universe. The Force is definitely strong with this one."

by Jeff Dunn
10/08/2012 01:30PM


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