Valve Apparently Wants To Make A Portal Or Half-Life Movie
Half-Life 2


Today, Gabe Newell finally started talking about Half Life. This is the day that fans have been waiting for, right?

Unfortunately not.

Gabe spent the afternoon talking to J.J. Abrams about the possibility of a Half-Life movie. It also sounds like Newell wants to make a Portal flick.

"We're going to try and figure out if we can make a Half-Life movie or a Portal movie together," said Gabe Newell.


While I'd probably dig a Half-Life movie, so long as Gordon Freeman remains mute, I seriously can't comprehend how a Portal movie would work. I mean, Portal is a puzzle game. You can't just take any random game and turn it into a movie.

Oh wait. You can. I forgot about Battleship.

Well, hopefully Rhianna stays clear of this one. 

by Jake Valentine
02/06/2013 04:10PM


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