Coded Arms, first FPS for PSP, Shipped Today

Coded Arms by Konami Digital Entertainment was shipped today. The game is exclusive to the PSP and is the third original game for the PSP by Konami. It is also Konami’s first entry into the first-person shooter genre as well as the the first FPS for the PSP.

Coded Arms places the gamer as a computer hacker who infiltrates an abandoned virtual reality system inside a giant computer network. The virtual reality system was abandoned after a major flaw was discovered during the program’s development. Yet, the system continued to grow on its own and when you reach it, it has turned into a world filled with virtual alien invaders, computer bugs, security bots, and huge boss enemies. You will use power-ups and more than thirty different weapons to fight your way through five expansive levels.

Multi-player modes like Deathmatch, Keep the Mark, and Last Man Standing are available in this game for up to four players.

The game will allow for lots of game hours due to the regenerating mapping system. "Through its state-of-the-art visuals, wireless multiplayer gameplay, customizable controls, and other original features, Coded Arms will be a stand-out game for the PSP," says Wilson Cheng, product manager at Konami.

Buy the game for $39.99. It is rated T for Teen. Check back later in the week for our review on the game.

by lindsay
07/06/2005 11:25AM
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