Crysis 3 Runs On The Wii U… But We Won’t Be Seeing It
Crysis 3


According to Crytek, the Crysis 3 team had the game up and running on a Wii U with no problems whatsoever. In fact, the game was near completion. Unfortunately, a Wii U version of Crysis 3 will never see the light of day, as Cevat Yeril said that the port “had to die.”

Apparently, EA and Nintendo had very little interest in seeing the game on the Wii U platform and Crytek did not have the resources to publish and launch the game on its own. 


Yeril said that the eventual decision was made by EA and Nintendo and was not reflective of the Crysis 3 team. Supposedly, Crytek would have loved to see the game make its way to the Wii U, but even though the team was so close to launching the game, it apparently just did not make business sense. “If that business decision doesn't make sense,” Yeril said “or seems to not make sense for them, it's... not possible for us to make it.”

Source: Eurogamer

by Angelo D'Argenio
03/04/2013 08:15AM


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