Developer Capcom Addresses Deep Down Rumors

The initial reveal of Capcom’s next-gen title Deep Down at Sony’s February conference immediately sparked comparisons between the developer’s current-gen action-RPG Dragon’s Dogma. The game’s E3 absence did little to clarify, and the newly-announced Vita successor Dragon’s Dogma Quest sparked further rumors. 

Luckily, senior VP Christian Svensson finally commented on fan inquiry—specifically, a post through the official Capcom forum asking if Dragon’s Dogma, as a series, would be exclusive to the PlayStation 4. In response, Svennson explained that “no new [Dragon’s Dogma] product has been announced” and ”[Dead Rising 3] and Deep Down have nothing to do with Dragon’s Dogma.”

Source: Siliconera

by Austin Wood
06/18/2013 04:20PM


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