Sony Will Showcase 50 Games at Tokyo Game Show

Sony certainly loves games, all games, and copious amounts of games.  While Microsoft’s next-gen plan heavily focuses on interactive entertainment and delivering unique content, Sony seems to be focusing on being the gamer’s company.  The company's plan includes having the more powerful console, the most games, and being both cooler and easier to relate to than its competition. Sony looks to continue the trend of being the every-gamer company by showing over fifty games at Tokyo Game Show 2013.

According to CVG, Sony plans on showing over ten PS4 games during the September conference.  A lot of PS3 titles, such as Gran Turismo 6, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII,  and Tearaway, will be showcased as well. 

Considering Sony’s history of rocking conferences, the Tokyo Game Show should be one to keep an eye on.  Hell, Sony already pulled out some big guns at the pre-Tokyo Game Show Conference, announcing the Vita TV and new Vita models. Who knows what cool things the company plans to unveil at the actual, non-pre event. 

The reason for all these big announcements and high-profile conference events, the PS4, will launch on November 15.  Sony has set the PS4 price at $399. 


Source: CVG

09/18/2013 02:20PM


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