Give a Lecture at the Game Developers Conference


The Game Developers Conference now has open submissions.  Writers of accepted submissions will take part in lectures and panels in the specialized Summits that begin the conference. 

The Summits currently accepting submissions are “Free to Play Design & Business,” “Game Narrative,” “GDC Education,” “Independent Games,” “Localization,” “QA,” and “Smartphone & Tablet Games.” Although submissions are open to all, submissions from certain people will be prized over others. The runners of the Game Developers Conference solicit proposals preferably from “speakers with deep industry expertise and innovative ideas from particular emerging areas of the game industry.” 


The open submissions end after October 23. Applicants will be notified by late November if their proposals have been accepted.  The conference itself takes place March 17-24, 2014 in San Francisco, California. 

The Game Developers conference demands a lot of respect. Speakers chosen to speak at the conference put themselves in a position to do some heavy networking.  UBM Teach runs the conference.  The conference is a professionals-only event, and is considered a major educational experience for anyone in the industry. 

Up to 23,000 people are expected to attend 2014’s conference.  An all-access pass costs up to two grand. Purchasing a ticket before Feb. 13 will result in a significantly lower price.  Despite being a professional event, it looks like registration isn’t restricted to only professionals, as anyone can sign up.

09/26/2013 07:40AM
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