The PS4 and Xbox One Won't Fully Function without the Day One Update

With the launch of the next-gen consoles poised on the horizon, many of us are getting a little antsy with anticipation. However, there are a few key things every gamer needs to know about the system you’re bringing home. PS4 users will be able to bring home their brand new system, pop in a game, and start playing out of the box. They will not, however, be able to voice chat while playing with friends, or record and upload gameplay sessions via the share feature. Additionally, PS4 users will not have access to remote play (allowing PS4 games to be played on the PS Vita), or play games as they are being downloaded. All of these features will only be available after downloading the 300 MB software update.

While the PS4 has a pretty lengthy list of features that will be unavailable out of the box, the Xbox One has a very short list: Everything.

While it was initially announced that the Xbox One users would not be able to play Blu-rays or DVDs out of the box, Microsoft has now announced that the Xbox One will be able to do absolutely nothing without the day-one update. Microsoft Senior Director of Product Management Albert Penello was quoted as saying, “Functionally, you will be able to do very little without the day-one update.” When asked what gamers could do out of the box, he replied, “Nothing. You need the day one update.”

So, ultimately, if you purchase a PS4 when it launches on November 14, or the Xbox One on November 22, you better have immediate Internet access, or you will be sorely disappointed.

Source: engadget

11/08/2013 04:10PM


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