Futatsugi to Make Crimson Dragon “Less Frustrating”
Crimson Dragon

Never let it be said that the voice of the people goes unheard.  As in the case of Crimson Dragon, folks made their opinion known and the developer heard them loud and clear.

Speaking with Xbox Wire, Director of Crimson Dragon Yukio Futatsugi expressed his concerns regarding the feedback his studio's gotten from the game to date, and addressed them in a statement. “I’ve heard the feedback on Crimson Dragon and plan to adjust the balance of the game before we launch on Xbox One this week. Crimson Dragon is designed to be challenging. This has always been my vision for the game. I want you to feel like you’ve accomplished something each time you master a mission,” he said.

Although he touts that the Xbox cloud system can be used to adjust things in the game after its launch, he wants fans to know they intended to incorporate much of this feedback now, before the game goes live. Futatsugi reassures that: “I’m excited to have the opportunity to make these changes before the game releases on Xbox One this week. Thank you all for the feedback. You are truly helping me make Crimson Dragon the game that I hoped it would be.”

In his note on the Wire, he details several areas they plan to tweak before launch, including:

“•We have increased the experience points your dragons will get from each battle, including the experience points you get when you fail a mission.

•Finding your favorite combination of items is an important part of “Crimson Dragon,” so we’ve reduced the cost of items and expanded the availability of jewels (in-game credits) throughout the game.

•We’ve adjusted the different game styles, “Casual” and “Classic”, to better match their intended level of difficulty.”


Source: Xbox Wire

Jason Messer
Jason Messer

Editor-in-Chief / Video Content Director
Date: 11/22/2013

11/22/2013 12:55AM


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