Winter Events for DUST 514 Are Underway
DUST 514

It’s been a week since the 1.7 update was released for DUST 514. This week however, instead of an update, there are going to be events where players will be able to fight against CCP developers, participate in a trial by gun and have the chance to win epic items on a daily basis during The 12 Days of DUST.

Yes, CCP Games are hosting a series of events throughout the winter, encouraging players to have at each other and be rewarded for doing so. There will be three in-game events that may keep DUST players happy during December: Developer Invasion, Weapon Trials: Rifle Round Up, and The 12 Days of DUST. All these events combined will last from December 16 (yesterday) to January 5 next year, though each of these events only last for a few days at the least and a few weeks at the most.

The first of the events, Developer Invasion, started yesterday, and the next Invasions will start tomorrow (December 18) and then on Friday after that (December 20). The devs will either be with you or against you in teams of between four to six players, participating in “Other Contract” matches. Should a dev team be in the same match as you (be they friend or foe) you will earn double SP and double ISK rewards.

The next event, Weapon Trials: Rifle Round Up, starting on December 18 through to Christmas, kits you out with an opportunity to partake in a progression-based killspree, where the more you kill the better your arsenal will become. You will start off with a Standard level of either the Combat Rifle or the Rail Rifle (both weapons of which were newly added with the 1.7 update), and for every 10 kills you will receive a Prototype Rifle of the weapon you are using. For example: 10 kills with a Combat / Rail Rife will earn you one AUR Prototype Combat Rifle / Rail, 40 kills with a Combat / Rail Rife and you will earn four AUR Prototype Combat Rifles / Rails, etc.

Lastly, the final event, The 12 Days of DUST, starting from Christmas through to January 5, will give players the chance to receive epic in-game items every day during that time period. Players will receive 12 bonus in-game items just for logging in and winning one match each day during this final event. For each day that individual players log in and win a match CCP will reveal a secret item for said player to receive, which will be a range of gear to get all joyful about: rare dropsuits, powerful weapons and specialized equipment.


Additionally, throughout the majority of this series of events (December 17, today, to January 4) there will be a 75% discount on Dust 514 - Tactical Edition, which is essentially a quickstart pack for players who want to get into the nitty gritty quickly. Reduced from  $19.99 to $4.99, within this pack you will receive a skill booster, vehicles, fully-fitted dropsuits, and, of course, some Aurum currency too. If you’re thinking on taking up this deal, please be aware that all purchases of this deal must be done before 11:00 UTC on January 4, 2014.

Source: Press release.

12/17/2013 05:00PM


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