Hearthstone Enters Open Beta in North America, Other Regions Coming Soon
HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone is now in Open Beta? Yay! "The wait is over: The Hearthstone Open Beta Test is now live in North America!" Boo! “We plan to go to Open Beta for all of the other regions within the next few days." Yay!

That’s right, Blizzard’s popular and much sought after card collecting game has now opened its doors to the general public in North America, giving the folks who didn’t get into the Closed Beta a chance to finally have their slice of Hearthstone--and then get promptly get their asses handed to them when they try out the game’s Arena mode by players with pretty much a half-year’s experience already.

Blizzard has promised that it will bring the Open Beta to other regions within the next few days, so I reckon I’ll finally have my go at the game sometime by the end of the week.


While I'm very much looking forward to finally playing this game, Blizzard still asserts the Hearthstone’s Open Beta is not the game’s final release, and the company will be closely keeping an eye on many aspects of the game in order to ensure a smooth and positive gameplay experience for everyone who takes part. However, Blizzard has cautioned that with the mass influx of new players the company may have to temporarily disable Open Beta account activations until Heartstone’s servers are stable again and Blizzardise ready to take on more people.

Those wanting to take part in the Open Beta will have to download it from its official website here. There will be no expected loss of cards while Heartstone is in Open Beta, as Blizzard has no plans to dish out more card-wipes at this time--so players are allowed to collect as many cards as they like.

01/22/2014 09:05PM


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