New Titanfall Faction Revealed; the IMC

As revealed in a news update on Titanfall’s official website, the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC), will be a new addition to Titanfall’s faction line-up. 15 years after originally starting out in the natural resource extraction industries, back then under the name of Hammond Engineering, the IMC grew explosively in the early days due to the rising demand of materials needed to produce Titans and the company’s use of planetary survey technologies and map database rights.

Over the course of 100 years, and after a series of acquisitions, mergers, re-brandings, Hammond Engineering transformed into the commercial empire that is the IMC. Despite the company’s reputation of its explorative behaviour along the Frontier, they receive very little criticism from both the company’s shareholders and customers back in the Core Systems.

Other than providing more depth to the universe of Titanfall, the update also revealed three new characters. The first of which is Vice Admiral Graves, the second being a mercenary named Blisk and the third is Spyglass, a droid.

Vice Admiral Graves is the Command-in-Chief of IMC’s Frontier operations. Because of the remote location of the Frontier, Graves allows himself to personally command the forces stationed there in the field, and to act more informally in duty compared to other commanders back in the Core Systems. Frontier operations are notorious for their lack of adherence to traditional protocol because of this.

Blisk comes from South Africa, and is working for the ICM as a long-term mercenary out in the Frontier. His first contract with the ICM earned him and his outfit more than enough money to retire to tropical paradise. He took up on the ICM’s renewal contact after considering the excellent pay and the opportunity to use state-of-the-art hardware against anything and everything in sight.

Lastly, Spyglass (which are more so of a product series rather than an individual entity) is a physical manifestation of the IMC’s vast computational network, which handles communication, logistics, deployment and navigation for all IMC forces out in the frontier. The Spyglass units are considered expendable in the field, and they often accompany ground forces aboard dropships to provide up-to-date information and surveillance to said forces.

Titanfall is slated to drop on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC next month on March 11 in the US, March 13 in the EU and Australian, and then March 14 in the UK and New Zealand.

02/10/2014 02:48PM


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