How You can get Celebi from the Pokémon Bank
Pokemon Bank

With Pokémon Bank now available outside of Japan, Pokémon X / Y players can now use the service to also receive a free celebi. Back in December it was already revealed that you could get a free Celebi to download via the Pokémon Bank service, and--thanks to Nintendo Everything--here’s some instructions for how you can collect your own Celebi.

First you’ll need to download the Pokémon Bank from the Nintendo eShop (that’s a given). Next, insert your Pokémon X / Y cartridge (or initiate the digital version if you happen to have that one instead) and then open Pokémon Bank and purchase the service’s 30-day free trial or purchase an annual subscription of $4.99 / £4.49 / €4.99 per year. After that you’ll need to put at least one pokemon into the Bank. Next, boot up your Pokémon X / Y game and select “Pokémon Link” (which also lets you receive your free miles or battle points), then launch Pokémon Bank to receive Celebi. Lastly, boot up Pokémon X / Y again and select “Pokémon Link” again to receive Celebi in-game.

Celebi is available to receive for free from now until this coming September 30, 2014. The Celebi you’ll receive will come with the move Hold Back, which is a restrained attack that cannot be learned through normal gameplay. Functionally similar to False Swipe, Hold Back will leave your opponents health down to at least 1HP. Celebi will also know the moves Recover, Heal Bell, and Safeguard.

The Pokémon Bank service can hold up to 3000 pokémon in private boxes via the Cloud. The service can also allow you to transfer over multiple pokémon at one time from either Pokémon X or Y (including downloadable versions). What’s more, you can use the service’s Poké Transporter application to transfer pokémon from Pokémon Black / White onwards, allowing you to transfer all your previously caught pokémon to Pokémon X / Y.

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