Batman vs. Superman Director Talks Dark Knight Returns and Affleck

There are a few seminal comics in the Batman franchise that seem to have affected an entire generation of writers and directors: The Long Halloween, The Killing Joke and (of course), The Dark Knight Returns. Director Zach Snyder now reveals how it will shape the upcoming Batman/Superman crossover.

The backstory of the next Batman will greatly shape the overall design and psychology of the character, and Snyder says the comic “…will influence the history of Batman vs. Superman, on which the writer David S. Goyer and myself will work.” Goyer is no stranger to either of these iconic franchises, as he has worked on screenplays for both Christopher Nolan and Zach Snyder in the past (among other comic book movies, like Blade).

The new film will depict a much rougher and battered Batman then we’ve seen in the past. Snyder calls Ben Affleck’s version a “…interesting counterweight to the performance of Henry in the role of Superman. He has the experience necessary to paint the picture of an older and more advised man than Clark Kent, who bears the scars of a seasoned vigilante while retaining the charm that Bruce Wayne deploys when present in  the world.”

Batman vs. Superman’s official theatrical release date is set for May 6th, 2016.

Jason Messer
Jason Messer

Editor-in-Chief / Video Content Director
Date: 02/10/2014

02/10/2014 10:41PM


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