Halo News Expected for E3; 343i Has a "Great Plan" Up Its Sleeve
Halo 4

With 2014’s E3 on the horizon (albeit it quite at a fair distance on the horizon), I believe I speak on behalf of a fair number of us when I say that interesting things can be expected from this upcoming event with stuff on the PlayStation 4, stuff on the Xbox One, stuff on upcoming games, and stuff on Halo.

Phil Spencer, the Head of Microsoft Studios, tweeted that Halo news will be coming to E3, and that 343 Industries (343i) has a “great plan in place”.

Halo news will be coming at E3,” Phil Spencer tweeted in reply to a question. “343i has a great plan in place, will be cool to share with everyone.”

It’s already been confirmed by Master Chief’s voice actor, Steve Downes, that an HD remake of Halo 2 will be on its way this coming November, which was initially rumored back in late January. What’s more, District 9 director Neill Blomkamp is rumoured to pilot the first episode of the upcoming Halo TV series.

I’m personally interested in knowing what this “great plan” is, and what news 343i has to dish out about Halo. In the meantime, I need to catch up on the expanded universe.

2014’s E3 starts this coming June, from June 10 until June 12.

02/28/2014 08:47PM


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