Titanfall "Will Play Great on Xbox 360," Says Microsoft Exec

Titanfall has already launched in North America on PC and Xbox One, and will soon drop in all other regions by the end of the week. Titanfall was originally meant to launch on Xbox 360 at the same time as its release on the other two platforms, but it was delayed. It was a decision made in order to give Bluepoint Games, the studio behind porting Titanfall to the Xbox 360, more time to polish the title.

According to Polygon, the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall was absent during this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) event in Austin, Texas. Despite its absence however, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of marketing and strategy, Yusuf Mehdi, assured Polygon that the title is coming along well, mirroring the assurances given by Titanfall’s producer Drew McCoy last month. Mehdi states that the Titanfall experience will “will play great on Xbox 360.”

"I think we struck the right balance--it was Respawn, really, and the developer who struck the balance--which is, it will play great on Xbox 360," Mehdi said during an interview at the event. "Believe me, we are thrilled about it. Xbox 360 is in, obviously, all the markets including the top 13 with Xbox One; we're in 48-plus markets for [Xbox 360]. For many markets, that will be the game. So, we've worked together to have that be a first-class experience.

At the same time, on Xbox One you can get some of those extra features that set it apart, and there will be people who want to do that, and there will be enough encouragement to go--but it will be a great experience on Xbox 360," Mehdi added.

It has been confirmed that Titanfall runs higher than 720p resolution--around 792p. While not true HD, Respawn Entertainment’s lead engineer Richard Baker has stated that the studio will continue to tweak the game’s resolution even after its release. Additionally, Respawn employees received Titanfall themed Xbox Ones last week, exclusively from Microsoft. Titanfall on Xbox 360 will be dropping on March 25 in the US and March 28 in the EU.

03/12/2014 05:55PM


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