Rare Feels Kinect Technology is a Great Innovation
Kinect Sports: Rivals

There have been mixed feelings regarding the new Kinect motion-sensing technology, with Microsoft forcing people to purchase the integrated hardware with the Xbox One (thus increasing the price of its system). However, there are some at Rare who absolutely love the device!

Danny Isaac, who is producer of the Kinect based game Kinect Sports Rivals, feels people don’t appreciate just how innovative the device is to our industry in 2014. “20 years ago, I'd have a team that would be going crazy if they had this kind of technology, now we have it and people are like, well, I don't want it, I just want my controller and my screen. It would be a real shame if we lost items like that.” He says.

Of course, a great piece of hardware isn’t worth a dime without software to support it. Isaac touts that, fortunately for them, Microsoft hasn’t just put its Kinect out there as an afterthought, but has made real strides to incorporate it into their business model for the Xbox. “I love that there's loads of services coming in…Xbox Live has done a fantastic job, and as we're getting more integrated with other systems as well. I think that's going to open stuff up.” Hopes Isaac.

The Kinect’s next big release, Kinect Sports Rivals, hits the console early next month.

Jason Messer
Jason Messer

Editor-in-Chief / Video Content Director
Date: 03/17/2014

03/17/2014 08:06PM


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