Xbox Touts Upcoming Kinect Game “Sports Rivals”
Kinect Sports: Rivals

The next big thing coming to the Xbox One that will utilize the integrated motion sensing technology of the Kinect is Kinect Sports Rivals. Ahead of its release, we receive new details from the Xbox Team regarding many of the games features.

According to the staff of the Xbox Wire, we can look forward to a “super” version of ourselves that will live digitally in the cloud. Rare is handling the game’s development and are firmly behind Microsoft’s embrace of the new technology. In fact, producer Danny Isaac recently touted the importance of including such a great piece of tech, and how a game like Kinect Sports Rivals plays a role in getting folks up off the couch. “… we get these naysayers who say 'well I don't want it, I just want to sit there with my headphones on and play first-person shooters…come on guys, we're a highly creative industry, we really, really are… we've got to be doing some thing new…” he states.

Kinect Sports Rivals hopes to do just that. 

For more info, check out the expansive list of what gamers will find in the upcoming release below:

  • Champions: Rare’s exclusive scanning technology plots 86 points on your face, scans your skin color and hair color to create your Champion, an awesome, stylized version of you, to use in-game. After your face and body are scanned, your Champion will appear on screen and you will have the opportunity to customize it to look even more like you or individualize it to express yourself in a unique way. This is next-gen character creation only possible with the Xbox One.
  • Power-Ups: No self-respecting Champion would enter an event unarmed – every sport has a selection of equipment that bestows a variety of Power-Ups. Some magnify your abilities, some hinder your opponents, and others protect you from attack. Remember to choose your Power-Up wisely before entering each sport, as your choice will accompany your Champion when it appears in other players’ matches, even when you aren’t online.
  • Coins and Experience Points: The only way to gain coins is by competing in events, with a higher pay-out awarded based on your final position. Compete and earn coins to be able to purchase new equipment and kits from the in-game store. Additionally, you can earn Experience Points, or XP, in each sport. The more you please the crowd, the faster you’ll break through XP levels and gain access to more prestigious items. If you accumulate enough XP, you can unlock advanced challenges, like new wake racing circuits, climbing routes, and much more.
  • Level Up and Fans: Each of the six sports gives you the ability to level up and become an elite Champion for that sport.  As you level up, you will gain access to unique outfits and equipment. The equipment gives you more impactful Power-Ups to give you the best advantage over your rivals. Every victory you have adds to your fame, which gives you more and more fans. The fans you win over in your living room will follow you as you go online to battle for ultimate Champion glory.
  • Xbox Live: The new Xbox Live for Xbox One gives incredible access to Cloud-powered computing. Your Champion will play on your behalf using your skill level and your play style if you are not online. Of course, you can also play with your friends when you are both online, just like you are in the living room together. 


Kinect Sports Rival will be available for the Xbox One on April 8th (delayed ‘till the 11th in Europe).

Jason Messer
Jason Messer

Editor-in-Chief / Video Content Director
Date: 03/17/2014

03/17/2014 08:15PM


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