DUST 514 1.8 Update Adds Cloaking Equipment, New Dropsuits and More
DUST 514

Detailed in a press release published yesterday, March 25, CCP Games’ Uprising 1.8 update for its shooter DUST 514 is said to introduce the biggest battle-changing elements to the game yet.

The Uprising 1.8 update will add new weapons, a new piece of equipment, and new dropsuits across the four different factions--Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar, Amarr--for you to enjoy.

The Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar factions will receive new Heavy Frames. These new additions come in Basic, Sentinel and Commando roles for each faction, and gives players more dropsuit variety. Light Frames have also been introduced to Caldari and Amarr factions, available with Basic and Scout roles for each faction. Due to the inclusion of these new dropsuits, all racial variants within DUST 514 are now accounted for.

Three new weapons have also been introduced with Uprising 1.8. The Caldari faction get two new weapons: the powerful Bolt Pistol and the Magsec SMG, a versatile semi-automatic with accurate fire from mid- to long-range. The Gallente get the Ion Pistol, which has the ability to deliver overcharged plasma blasts down range.

As for the new equipment, you will be able perform more better in stealth and reconnaissance by utilizing the new Cloak Field equipment, which will conceal you with invisibility.

For further details on Uprising 1.8’s patchnotes and changes, a full rundown has been detailed on the official DUST 514 website.

03/26/2014 08:31PM


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