Bear Simulator Kickstarter Campaign Succeeds!
Bear Simulator

It looks like animal simulators are the wave of the future in videogames. Goat Simulator has already released to incredible reviews, and now a spiritual successor is being made in Bear Simulator.

Bear Simulator is… exactly what it sounds like. It’s a first person game in which you play a bear. You have health and hunger and stamina and… you an hit things with your claws… and that’s… about it? Seriously, this is another one of those games that is just so weird it has to be cool. On the surface you’ll only be doing mundane things, like foraging for berries, finding food, and sleeping in your den, but then you can also examine ancient ruins, mine tracks, outhouses and maybe even find the bear version of slender man!

The original Kickstarter project for the game asked for $29,500 dollars… and the Kickstarter closed at $100,571 dollars. Yes, a lot of people really want to play a bear, even though the programmer is kind of inexperienced.

"This is my first PC game, I chose the Kickstarter route because I wanted to involve a bunch of bear fans to contribute which is why it's going to be fun to put Kickstarter Island together," creator John Farjay said." Trying to use this game to learn the process of publishing a PC game so bear with me. Haha get it? 'Bear with me?' ...Because the game is about a bear."

No… this isn’t a joke.

Source: Kickstarter

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

Former Contributing Writer
Date: 04/24/2014

04/24/2014 01:45AM


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