Where Are Ryse: Son of Rome’s Final Easter Eggs Located?
Ryse: Son Of Rome

The hunt for the last four Easter eggs hidden away in the Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome has officially kicked into high gear!

According the staff of the Xbox Wire, there are still several hidden gems squirreled away somewhere in the game that Ryse fans have not yet discovered. Now, it would appear that Major Nelson is pointing us in the right direction, by providing key clues that could help the community finally uncover them. The four cryptic hints he posted to the Wire are as follows:

 1) In the campaign level “The Wrath of the Nemesis,” there’s a Scorpio in a tower that can be used to shoot many things. Enemies. Pillars. Statues. Firing a few volleys at them will reacquaint you with a familiar face, but not at all like you’re expecting.

 2) Hurling a pilum in the water may seem like a waste of lethal weaponry, but if you happen to do it one time too many underneath a certain bridge in the campaign level “Pax Romana,” you will summon a surprise guest.

 3) There’s a courthouse with an open roof in the campaign level “Pax Romana” where your pilum can arrange a shocking introduction. Get reckless with them and see what happens.

 4) Good things come to those who wait in the campaign level “The Son of Rome.” Once you reach the courtyard, duck behind a curtain and hang out on the steps on the other side for a bit. Keep your eyes on the nearby balcony. Makes you wonder how they got up there, right?

The dev team would like you to be the first one to discover them, by recording the find with your DVR feature on your next-gen console. You can use OneDrive and send the link to major@xbox.com  with “Ryse Easter Eggs” as your subject.

This comes on the heels of the new Morituri DLC Pack, which introduces, “…three new arenas for Gladiator mode – Beacon, False Gods and Revolution – and two for Survival mode – Sulfur River and The Forbidden Forest.  Beacon tasks players with infiltrating a barbarian camp, False Gods has gladiators battling in Ancient Egyptian temples, and Revolution is set amid the crumbling ruins of the once majestic Roman Empire. In Sulfur River and The Forbidden Forest, navigate an onslaught of perilous traps as you battle against insurmountable odds until the bitter end.”

You can get the new expansion via Xbox Live for $7.99 (or free if you already have the Season Pass).

Jason Messer
Jason Messer

Editor-in-Chief / Video Content Director
Date: 06/02/2014

06/02/2014 06:08PM


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