Riot Games discusses how to navigate New Summoner’s Rift Design
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In a blog post that was published on League of Legend’s official website on Tuesday, July 1, Riot Games’ Brent “Riot ForScience” Critchfield took a moment to instruct players on how to navigate in the new and updated Summoner’s Rift map that’ll be implemented at a yet-to-be-announced date.

With wanting to completely overhaul the visual look and feel of the map, grounding it in aesthetic and readability, Riot Games has focused on making the new Summoner’s Rift more consistent in its theme in order to identify the four quadrants of the map, particularly the ones in proximity of the Baron pit.

On the new Rift, each quadrant is thematically unique thanks to Baron’s impact. And we mean impact: Baron didn’t just shatter the ground around his entry point - the entire Summoner’s Rift features cracks and torn earth that branch out from his river base,” Riot ForSience wrote in the blog post. “His presence is most apparent in the north and west jungle, while the south jungle in particular has been largely untainted by Baron and remains overgrown and lush.

Riot ForScience continued on to talk about how the new map has been segregated from each other in terms of color design; one side is cool and mostly barren of flora and the other is warm and very well covered in vegetation.

Finally, he went on to discuss the redesign of the bases on either side of Summoner’s Rift.

Finally, we wanted to differentiate the two bases!” Riot ForScience added. “The blue side turrets are geometric and fortified with a stag motif, while the red side turrets are curvilinear, magical, and use an owl motif as their key emblem. We also used a gothic-arch stone inlay in the ground plane to point the player down the lane toward the enemy base.

You can read Riot ForScience’s full blog pist for navigating the new design of Summoner’s Rift via the source link below. You can watch Riot Games’ latest dev blog about the new Summoner’s Rift via the embedded video below.

We’ll bring you more news on the map’s development should further information reach our ears.

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07/02/2014 07:38PM


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