Hearthstone Tournament Only Allows Male Competitors
HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft

It’s time for our piece of screwed up sexist bullshit of the week gamers! Today’s screwed up sexist bullshit comes from Hearthstone, a halfway decent collectible game that has currently been making waves in the mobile market. People take the game seriously enough that it has its own tournaments and is starting to break into the world of eSports. Only one problem though: only men can compete. 

The tournament in question is a Finnish qualifier for the International eSports Federation world championship. The winner will be sent to Baku, Azerbaijan to represent Finland in the finals, as long as it’s not a woman. Why? Well the IeSF’s regulations stipulate that only men can play some games and only females can play others. There are male and female divisions for Starcraft 2, but the only other game that women can compete in is Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Heck, guys can’t even compete in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Meanwhile, guys can play Dota2, Hearthstone, and Ultra Street Fighter 4. Are 2D fighters manly and 3D fighters girly or something?

The only thing more wacky than this division is the IeSF’s reasoning behind it. Apparently separating men from women in eSports makes them fall in line with other internationally regarded sports. Men don’t fight women in boxing rings, for example. So doing so has given the IeSF more “legitimacy” as an official sports organization.

Source: CVG

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

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Date: 07/02/2014

07/02/2014 08:01PM


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