Sega Profits Halved from Last Year

Sega has reported their profits for last quarter, and they aren’t that great. Their profits overall were halved. Sega said that uncertainty in the Japanese Economy was to blame, as well as an increase in advertising expenses. 

Sega has been doing pretty good over the last few years. While they had no AAA blockbusters, they did aid in publishing some notable titles. For example, Sega helped bring Under Night In-Birth to the arcades, and in Japan they helped publish Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. Granted, they still are striking out on the Sonic front with the absolutely abysmal Sonic Boom that was previewed at E3, but perhaps it’s time for them to be known for things other than Sonic.

Source: Gamespot

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

Former Contributing Writer
Date: 08/01/2014

08/01/2014 10:15PM


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