Ryse 2 Could Still be a Thing if Console Sales Improve
Ryse: Son Of Rome

In an interview with Eurogamer on Friday, August 8, Crytek’s CEO Cevat Yerli has revealed that the sequel to the Xbox One-exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome--reportedly cancelled--may still be a thing to come around in the future, as long as more current-gen consoles are sold.

"We have a good relationship with Microsoft. We are constantly looking at what we can do together," Yerli told Eurogamer on the topic of Ryse 2 and its IP dispute. "We are not 100 percent happy with Xbox One sales right now. So we want to wait till the current-gen and next-gen catches up. For Ryse 2, we aren't saying it's cancelled. It's our IP. It just has to wait for the right timing. And the right timing means higher installed base across next-gen."

Yerli also confirmed in the interview that Ryse 2 won’t be an Xbox One exclusive title; “No. We can do whatever we want with it with whoever we want,” he said when asked about the sequel’s potential release platform, and who it’d be published by.

Yerli continued to touch on what’s currently stopping Crytek from developing Ryse: Son of Rome’s sequel, particularly in regards of finding a publisher for the title. He also states that there’s interest in there being a sequel to the game, but there’s nothing official to say as of yet.

Focus and attention,” he explained. “I'm not saying it's not going to happen. Look, Ryse was maybe not the best rated game, but what we achieved for launch was a great foundation for us to build up. I know there are a lot of gamers who are contacting me through different channels who want to see Ryse 2. There is a lot of positive feedback. We're considering it. But at this point there is nothing official I can talk about.

In late June, we established that Crytek UK, the studio working on the Homefront sequel, Homefront: The Revolution, was reportedly experiencing financial difficulties, and that its employees hadn’t received their pay for a few months, to which Crytek UK employees were reportedly not returning to work. The studio eventually responded to the financial rumors.

Ryse: Son of Rome has also been confirmed for PC, and it’ll support 4K resolution. You can read Eurogamer’s full interview with Cevat Yerli via the source link below. We’ll bring you more Ryse-related news should further information reach our ears.

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08/12/2014 02:13AM


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