Diablo III's Next Patch Introduces Leaderboards and More
Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls

As detailed for Diablo III’s Public Test Realm via Battle.net on Wednesday, August 13, the latest update for the game, patch, introduces Leaderboards, along with a myriad of other additions, too, such as Seasons and Greater Rifts.

Implemented so that you’ll see your progress compared to other players, the new Leaderboards feature keeps track of your performance during Seasons and Greater Rifts. According to patch notes, Leaderboards will keep track of a variety of competitive data, including clear times for Greater Rifts and the total amount of achievement points gained during Seasons among others.

The Leaderboard itself is designed to be informative and detailed, and it’ll also allow you to compare your progress with other players within the region you play. You can also do the same for your friends list and your clan roster.

As for Seasons and Greater Rifts, Seasons are a recurring game mode that periodically allows for you to start afresh, such as leveling Normal or Hardcore characters from scratch with no gold, resources or previously earned Paragon experience. Seasons also offer unique rewards and new challenges, including new Legendaries, an exclusive Transmogrification set that’s only available to those who compete in each Season, and new achievements coined as “Conquests”.

Lastly, Greater Rifts, previously referred to as Tiered Rifts, are described as a special kind of Nephalem Rift, where an infinite number of Greater Rift levels steadily become more and more difficult as each level is completed. However, these levels are timed, and you must complete the level in the given time in order to progress. Once the timer expires, your current Greater Rift climb will come to an end.

Statistics from both Seasons and Greater Rifts will be tracked in the new Leaderboard system. You can read Diablo III’s full patch notes via the source link below. We’ll bring you more Diablo III news should further information reach our ears.

[ Battle.net ]

08/28/2014 08:03PM


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