Planetside 2 Bug Removes “Tea-bagging” from Game
Planetside 2

As reported by Gamer Headlines on Thursday, October 2, Planetside 2 developer Sony Online Entertainment has reportedly removed the ability to “tea-bag” dead players in the game, condemning it as something comparable to sexual assault.

According to Gamer Headlines, Sony Online Entertainment’s community relations manager, RadarX, explained on the official Sony forums as to why tea-bagging was removed from the game.

“PlanetSide 2 is a massive multiplayer FPS in a science fiction based world that pits empires against each other in mortal combat. While immersion is certainly a subjective topic, if sexually assaulting a corpse is a key component of your gameplay experience this just may not be the game for you. Drop me a PM and I will happily make some recommendations on games where this is perfectly acceptable.

However, as followed up by a Sony representative, it turns out there wasn’t even a tea-bagging mechanic in the game to begin with, which was tweeted by Planetside 2’s creative director Matthew Higby. Higby explained that the whole thing was just to do with a collision.


Dying laughing reading these posts about us putting in some kind of "anti-teabagging" feature. No, we didn't, there's a collision bug.

— Matthew Higby (@mhigby) October 2, 2014


While contradictory, it’s not known who’s correct in this matter. We’ll bring you more news on Planetside 2 should further information reach our ears.

[ Gamer Headlines ]

10/03/2014 09:52PM


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