Alien: Isolation Update Adds Two New Difficulties: Nightmare and Novice
Alien: Isolation

Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation has been given a free update, and with that update comes two new difficulties for players to choose from: Nightmare and Novice. Each difficulty modifies different aspects of the game’s gadgets, items, and other gameplay elements, including the AI of the alien itself. The Nightmare difficulty is for the player who wants to survive against tougher odds, and it invites them to try to beat what is touted as the ultimate Alien: Isolation experience. The Novice difficulty, on the other hand, caters towards the players who favor exploration and story over survival.

Specifically, Nightmare Mode will feature a damaged motion tracker that has a broken display and undependable information, scarcer resources, more aggressive survivors and synthetics, and no map to speak of. As if that’s inconvenient enough, there will be no visual feedback at all, and the alien’s aggressiveness will be amplified exponentially. Novice Mode kicks players off with more resources and ammunition. Survivors and synthetics will be less of a pain than they will be in Nightmare Mode. Finally, the alien will be more easily distracted and less aggressive when hunting.


Below is a list of what each difficulty mode will offer players:

 Nightmare Mode

  • Broken motion tracker

    • Distorted signal

    • Unreliable information

  • Less game feedback

    • No health bar

    • No ammo counter

    • No flashlight indicator

  • Authentic Flamethrower

    • Fuel burns faster

    • Fuel is rarer

  • More dangerous enemies

    • Androids hit harder

    • Survivors are deadlier

  • Reduced resources

    • Survivors do not drop ammo

    • Fewer items to scavage

  • More hostile environment

    • Map system offline

    • Harder to hack systems

  • Ultimate alien

    • More aggressive

    • Adapts faster

    • No second chances

Novice Mode

  • Less menacing alien

    • Less aggressive

    • Adapts slower

    • Easier to distract

    • Hiding places more effective

  • Less dangerous combat

    • Androids easier to beat

    • Weaker survivors

    • Ropley is more resilient

  • More resources

    • Ammo more plentiful

    • Frequency of components increased 

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12/10/2014 06:30PM


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