Dead Kings DLC Comes to Assassin's Creed Unity for Free Next Week
Assassin's Creed: Unity

Shortly after the sorry launch state of Assassin’s Creed Unity was realized, Ubisoft declared that the game’s Dead Kings DLC would be made free for all. The DLC in question was originally intended to be a part of Assassin Creed Unity’s Season Pass, which has now dissolved.

A couple of months after the game was introduced to the Assassin’s Creed franchise, a cinematic trailer for Dead Kings DLC has been published by Ubisoft, which details when to expect the downloadable to release on platforms.

Prepare to download Dead Kings, entirely for free, next week on Tuesday, January 13 for Xbox One and PC, followed by Wednesday, January 14 for PlayStation 4.

Aside from the release date, the trailer shows off Arno as he tails a group of people into the crypts of France, presumed to be filled with long-dead members of royalty. After being discovered, a fight breaks out before the trailer fades to black. Before it finishes, however, the trailer teases an eerie location at the end.

You can watch Dead Kings’ cinematic trailer via the embedded video below.

01/07/2015 05:20PM
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