This Fan Movie Depicts DayZ's More Sombre Moments

A well-made fan film of Bohemia Interactive’s immensely popular zombie survival game, DayZ, surfaced on YouTube other other day. Made by a group of friends in France (known as Eternum Pictures), the short-film was produced out of a “common wish” to bring the team’s vision of the game’s post-apocalyptic theme to the indie silver screen.

“With a small but [passionate] team, we wanted to add our brush stroke in the DAYZ universe,” Eternum Pictures explained in the short-film’s YouTube description. It then added that--in Day Z--the player’s destiny “is never the paved one,” as “death is always lurking.”

Just over three minutes long, the short-film features little to no dialogue, and mostly uses music to tell the story behind. It starts off with a lone survivor of the zombie apocalypse, but as the film progresses it’s soon realized that he wasn’t always by himself. In what starts off with camaraderie, this sombre film shows how unexpectedly companions can turn on each other.

Day Z, the video game, is currently still available via Steam’s Early Access, and it’s not slated to fully release until sometime in 2016. A PlayStation 4 version of the game was also confirmed during Gamescom 2014. You can watch Eternum Pictures’ short-film via the embedded video below.

[ Via: Eurogamer / VG24/7 ]

01/09/2015 09:47PM


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