Infinite Combo Discovered for Pikachu in Smash Bros. for Wii U
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

We have found yet another reason to not allow custom moves in competitive Super Smash Bros. An infinite combo was discovered using two of Pikachu’s custom moves, his stunning neutral B, and his meteor smash up B.

The combo works like this. His stunning neutral B stuns longer the closer it hits. Your job is to try and get it to hit as close as possible. When this happens, land behind the opponent. When the opponent’s stun breaks they will still be vulnerable for a short while and will slide toward you. You can then jump and stun them again at point blank range and repeat as you like.

Certain characters unfortunately get launched before they hit death range with this combo, and that’s where the second move comes in. By footstool jumping off of an opponent and then meteor smashing them into the ground, you can force a slow wakeup. Jab them to continue their stun and then repeat. This allows you to kill basically everybody at 40-60%.

Source: My Smash Corner

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

Former Contributing Writer
Date: 04/20/2015

04/20/2015 07:35PM


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