We’re Getting a Resident Evil 2 Remake After All!
Resident Evil 2

Ever since the success of Resident Evil HD remaster, fans have been asking for a new version of Resident Evil 2. One fan even went so far as to start building his own remake using the new unreal engine; it was getting so much attention that Capcom had to send him a nice little letter asking him to cut it out. It seems Capcom was working on its own project after all, and in August we got news that there’s a Resident Evil 2 remake on the way.

There was some confusion, however, after Capcom mentioned a Resident Evil 2 remaster in an investor report. There wasn’t exactly widespread outrage, but fans were a little disappointed to learn that the remake that had announced was actually going to be the same game with updated visuals. Not so fast! Stuart Turner, Capcom UK's senior marketing director, took to Twitter to clear up the matter and reassure Resident Evil fans that what we saw in the investor report was a simple mistranslation, and we will be getting a “…full from the ground up remake NOT a remaster.” So there you have it! Now we play the waiting game.

Matthew Hayes
Matthew Hayes

Contributing Writer
Date: 12/03/2015

12/03/2015 04:25PM


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