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Super Smash Bros.

The final Smash Brothers Direct kind of ended Nintendo’s signature, brawler-themed broadcast on a whimper. The most exciting part of the entire Direct (for me anyway) was focused on the inclusion of Cloud Strife and the new Midgar stage: additions we already knew were on the way. The chat in the Twitch stream was going absolutely wild as the countdown concluded and the show began, and then everyone was keen to express their disappointment as we discovered the first, big character reveal. Who was it? 

Corrin. Who the eff is Corrin? That's a great question, because almost nobody in the West is familiar with the protagonist from the upcoming Fire Emblem Fates. Why Nintendo decided to kick off this final Direct with a character that no one had a chance to give a flip about is beyond me, but there you have it. Come February (speculative release), you can play as either a male or female version of Corrin, yet another sword fighter from the Fire Emblem universe. He / she does have a pretty awesome move set, and can transform into a dragon. The character looks great, don't get me wrong, but I think we're all a little disappointed to see that character slot taken up by someone from a franchise that is arguably already over-represented.

Matthew Hayes
Matthew Hayes

Contributing Writer
Date: 12/17/2015

12/17/2015 02:10AM


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