Pokken Tournament Is Stripping Rage-Quitters of Their Gold
Pokken Tournament

Pokken Tournament warns you early on not to rage quit. Nia, your incredibly perky adviser, actually threatens to penalize you should you duck out of a match early. “Quitting in the middle of battle is rude to your opponent,” she says, “and you'll suffer a penalty, so please, PLEASE, refrain from doing so.” Damn, Nia. I was actually really glad to see this message so early on in the game. As Street Fighter V has proven, quitters are the most common, most subtle, and most annoying type of cheaters. One of the top ranked fighters in Street Fighter V players in the world, as it turned out, had preserved his pristine record by quitting out of any match he was about to lose.

Capcom stripped that player of his rank, and if you quit in Pokken Tournament you'll be stripped of your gold. You use gold in the game to buy all of your cosmetic goodies: new clothes, hairstyles, accessories, etc. I wish Nintendo could come up with a more severe punishment, as gold is fairly easy to come by and experienced players won't care for or need it after a while. So far I haven't had an issue with quitters, but we'll see how things pan out in the coming months.

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Matthew Hayes
Matthew Hayes

Contributing Writer
Date: 03/21/2016

03/21/2016 08:10PM


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