Five Nights at Freddy’s Is Headed to Consoles
Five Nights at Freddy's

Have you always wanted to play Five Nights at Freddy’s on a bigger screen? You’re going to get that chance. One of the biggest questions since the series debuted was if it would ever get a console release. Now, Scott Cawthon has confirmed it will.

A user named MrCafecito asked about a console port in Five Nights at Freddy’s Steam forum. Later that day, Cawthon stopped by to say it is happening. His exact quote was, “Actually, yes! It will happen. I'm talking with a few companies who are interested in doing console remakes of the original games.” It’s interesting that he refers to the console versions of Five Nights at Freddy’s as remakes, rather than ports. Maybe there’ll be extra content.

We probably won’t hear about any Five Nights at Freddy’s ports at E3 2016. Cawthon specifically says he’s talking with a few companies. These kinds of decisions take time, so we probably won’t see the fruits of these conversations for a few months. Still, it’s exciting all the same!

Source: Steam

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Writing Team
Date: 05/09/2016

05/09/2016 10:15AM
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