CS:GO Betting Scam Breaks Across YouTube
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

You may or may not have heard about Trevor Martin (TmarTN), owner of the popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling site CSGO Lotto. Well we know he's the owner now, anyway, but that wasn't always the case. Martin founded the site back in December and has been creating staged reaction videos since then, pretending to win enormous amounts of money and soliciting the site without disclosing that he owned it all the while. Considering that he and CSGO Lotto's Vice President (ProSyndicate) have a combined YouTube subscription base of over 13 million users, the majority of whom are young and impressionable players who look up to these guys, this is some pretty shady shit. You only have to be 13 years old to log on to these sites and spend real money to gamble for skins, which are themselves worth real money - lots of it.

Anyway, since Martin's exposure he's been bending over backward to make it look like this isn't a real issue. His damage control efforts have been countered by other YouTubers coming forward to reveal their own rigged videos. The latest and biggest YouTuber to come forward is PsiSyndicate. In a video that I'll embed below, he admits to producing sponsored, rigged videos in which he pretends to score some of the most coveted (and most expensive) weapon skins in the game from a site called Steamloto. His confession serves as proof that the owners of these gambling sites do in fact have total control over the seemingly random outcomes of these bets that are costing users (ages 13 and up) some serious real world money.

Source: PC Gamer

Matthew Hayes
Matthew Hayes

Contributing Writer
Date: 07/05/2016

07/05/2016 07:10PM


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