Heroes of the Storm’s Getting More Like Overwatch
Heroes of the Storm

When a company has a successful game, elements from it spill over into other titles. Take Overwatch. It’s an obvious hit. Which means now Blizzard is going to adjust Heroes of the Storm to add a new feature. We’ll get a nice summation screen showing the player-vote MVPs.

Heroes of the Storm’s MVP will begin with people voting for one player they feel deserves a special honor. That person will momentarily be honored as the MVP, showing their name, the character were using, their kills, assists, and deaths, and stats showing their damage taken, hero damage done, and siege damage done. 

After that person gets their moment, four other Heroes of the Storm players will be honored. They’ll receive commendations for specific achievements in that match. The four shown in the example screenshot are Bulwark, Dominator, Painbringer, and Siege Master, which are respectively tied to damage taken, killing sprees, hero damage dealt, and structure damage dealt. Other honors are Headhunter, for most mercenary camps captured, Moneybags, for most coins turned in, and Stunner, for longest combined stun time.

This is quite a nice bonus. Sometimes, we don’t always get to be on the winning team, but we might have played a really great game. It’s nice to see Blizzard recognize how much a little commendation can mean to someone and offer the chance to honor others in Heroes of the Storm. We’ll see these accolades in the next game update.

Source: GameSpot

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 08/29/2016

08/29/2016 12:55PM


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