Free Heroes of the Storm Heroes Being Doled Out
Heroes of the Storm

While games like Heroes of the Storm are free-to-play, they're the sort where it can be more fun when you pay. That’s because you get a larger roster of characters to choose from as you go along. But, you aren’t going to have to pay to add more variety to your experience soon. A major patch is coming next month, and everyone who logs in on September 13 will get one free character to celebrate.

Here’s how it works out. When you log in to Heroes of the Storm, the characters you can choose from will depend on who you already own. Tyrande, Thrall, and Anub'arak are immediately available if you don’t own any of the possible heroes. If you own one of them, Nazeebo will show up to replace him or her. Own two, and Sonya will also show up as an option. Own all three, and Uther joins the options.

The best possible outcome comes if you’re a heavy hitter who already owns all six possible free Heroes of the Storm heroes. Then, Blizzard gives you 4,000 gold. That’s a $6.49 value and will let you get one 4,000 gold hero or two 2,000 gold heroes.

Basically, it’s a great way to welcome back people who could be returning to Heroes of the Storm to take part in the September 12 patch and its events. Make sure you don’t miss out!

Source: GameSpot

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

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Date: 08/31/2016

08/31/2016 02:15PM


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