Zarya Is Heroes of the Storm’s Next Hero
Heroes of the Storm

Overwatch is again representing in Heroes of the Storm. One of Tracer’s friends is joining the party. Get ready to welcome Zarya to the fight. She’s immediately available in the Heroes of the Storm Public Test Realm while Blizzard prepares her for her MOBA debut.

Even though Zarya’s only in testing, we already know quite a bit about what she can do. Her basic ability is Particle Grenade, an area attack that can also deal 50% damage to structures. She also can put up a Personal Barrier shield to protect herself for three seconds or Shield Ally that gives an ally a shield for three seconds. She also has an Energy trait, which increases her Energy, and thus her damage, every time her Personal Barrier or Ally Shield absorbs 10 damage. Her Heroic abilities are Expulsion Zone, a gravity bomb that deals light damage, slows enemy movement speed, and creates a temporarily expulsion zone, and Graviton Surge, a gravity bomb that pulls enemies toward its center briefly.

Her new trailer makes her seem like a pretty great Heroes of the Storm character.

I think Zarya’s a good pick for Heroes of the Storm’s next Overwatch character. I mean, she’s great in her original game. With a bit of balancing, she could become an amazing ally and fearsome enemy. 


Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 09/21/2016

09/21/2016 02:30PM


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