Nioh Allows Players to Prioritize Resolution or Frame Rate

Nioh, Team Ninja's samurai-style answer to Dark Souls, is quickly approaching its February 9 release date in North America. The team released an alpha version earlier this year, followed by a beta that incorporated fan feedback. With the final version on track to hit its target release date, we now have a few more details about the game's various display modes.

Surprisingly, Nioh takes a page out of the PC gaming handbook and offers numerous options for rendering the game's visuals. PS4 players can choose between high-resolution graphics at a stable 30FPS, lower-resolution graphics at a locked 60FPS, or a mixture of the two at a variable frame rate. PS4 Pro owners are in for an even bigger treat, as the game supports up to 3840x2160 resolution, but they can also run the game at the standard PS4's maximum resolution (1920x1080) with a stable 60FPS using a compatible 4K display. That's a lot of ways to play!

Could this be setting a new precedent for standard display options? It could mean extra work for developers, but if they're willing to invest the time and resources in it, we players can only benefit. I'm something of a frame rate snob, so I would love nothing more than to see all of my favorite games running at a smooth 60FPS, no matter what settings I have to adjust.

Source: PlayStation Blog EU

CheatCC Team
CheatCC Team
Date: 11/04/2016

11/04/2016 07:35PM


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